Abru Kaman

” Abru kaman ” is a collection in Dastgah-e Segah for Persian musical instruments and vocals, composed between the years 2000 and 2003, performed by Mahtab Ensemble and recorded in 2006. the general formation of the collection is influenced by the Dastgahi music, and concrete free interpretations of the ideas and rhythmic-melodic patterns of the Persian Radif have greatly affected the composition of the pieces (Naghme in ”Entezar”, ”Kereshme in ”kereshme” and Baste negar in ”Abru kaman” are among those concrete interpretations). The instrumental introduction of the tasnif  Abru kaman is adapted from a piece for santour by Faramarz Payvar, entitled Chaharmezrab-e Esfahan. More over at the end of the Instrumental piece Showgh a ritual song from the south of Iran is used.

Abru kaman (segah)

Composer: Ehsan Zabihifar

Vocal: Mohammad Metamedi

Performed by Mahtab Encemble

Publisher: Mahoor institute of Culture and Arts

Release Date: 2015

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Mahtab ensemble performers:

Tar and Oud: Ehsan Emami

Tombak: Hamid Qanbari

Santur: Solmaz Badri

Robab: Targol Khaliqi

Daf: Majid Vataninan (guest instrumentalist)

Choruses: Akbar Esmaeilipour and Hami Haqiqi .

Sound Recordings: Armin Karbaf, Mehrnaz Mohabatti & Siavagh Kamkar

Mix & Mastering: Hami Haqiqi