Say Anything


The first piece, ”Mitaravad Mahtab” consists of three consecutive parts: ”Mitaravad Mahtab”, ”khab” and ”Miderakhshad Shabtab.”

The ninth piece on the album, ”Bidad, Oshag & Forud” is a vocal scheme which is the outcome of experimentation we did with idea of  ”answering the vocal melodies with the whole group.” Because the recording in Iran is conventionally done with musicians recording the parts separately, using over-dubbing technique, due to the difficulties the live recordings usually face- of many of which we were well aware – and in order to realize what we had in mind, we finally decided on recording the pieces live in studio.

Say anything (Datgah e Homayoun)

Composer: Ehsan Zabihifar

Vocal: Mojtaba Asgari

performed by: Mahtab ensemble

Publisher: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts

Date of Publishing: 2014

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Mahtab ensemble performers:


Ehsan Zabihifar: Kamanche

Hamed Afshari: Bass-Qeychak

Ehsan Emami: Tar

Hamid ghanbari: Tombak

Majid burbur: Daf

Targol Khalighi: Robab

Solmaz Badri: Santur

Shima Shshmohammadi:Alto-Qeychak

Azarnoush Khoddami: Oud


Backing Vocals:

Solmaz Badri, Hana Kamkar, Targol Khalighi, Akbar Esmaeilipour, Ehsan Zabihifar, Hamed Afshari

Recording & Mixing: Siavash Kamkar