Chargan II (Persian String Quartet)


Consisting of four Persian bowed stringed instruments, was founded in the spring of 2007 in order to experience new aspects of Iranian music as a Persian string quartet. Although the combination of two Kamânches, Qaychak alto, and Qaychak bass and its register obviously brings to the mind the similarity to the Western type, classical string quartet, it is clear that the specialties and the qualities of these instruments, including timber , performance techniques, and so on, all make the distinctive qualities between these two quartets. The composing and arranging style of composed pieces for this ensemble can accentuate and highlight the differences or the similarities.
CHĀRGĀN ensemble has participated in producing several movies’ soundtrack and now is producing its first album.
CHĀRGĀN ensemble does not impose any restriction in the way it chooses the composers from different styles and schools.

Chargan 2

Iranian String Quartet

Bayat e Esfahan Performance


Composers: Ali-Asghar Bahari, Abolhasan Saba, (Monsieur) Hayke Numian, Ehsan Zabihifar

Arranged: Ehsan Zabihifar – Hamed Afshari

Publisher: Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts

Release Date: 2016

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Chargan Iranian String Quartet:


Ehsan Zabihifar: Kamanche 1

Keykhosro Mokhtari: Kamanche 2

Shima Shahmohammadi: Alto Qeychak

Hamed Afshari: Bass Qeychak

Sound Recording: Somayye Habibian,

Armin Karbaf & Mehrnaz Mohabatti (Bahar)

Mix & Mastering: Hami Haqiqi