The single track, (Delshodeh) was released.

Ehsan Zabihifar’s “Delshodeh”  single track was performed by Mahtab Ensemble.
The members of Mahtab group in the performance of this track are Babak Daneshvar (oud), Ehsan Emami (tar), Arezoo Aboui (Dayereh), Hamid Ghanbari (tombak) and Ehsan Zabihifar (Kamancheh).
The piece “Delshdeh” (Afshari) was written in the summer of 2001 and now, after some edits, it has been performed and recorded by Mahtab Group.
In the face of the pandemic and the resulting dreads and hopes, which is now longer and harder than expected, the only solution for musicians seems to be to continue working, even remotely; This single piece is also done with the conditions of remote recording that are common these days.
Delshdeh can now be heard or downloaded digitally on Spotify and other international music platforms.
Spotify link