Ehsān Zabihifar

Kamāncheh & Gheychak Player & Persian Composer

Born 1979, Tehrān


  • High school diploma from The Music Conservatory, 1997
  • BA in music from the faculty of music, Art University, 2003
  • MA in Persian music performance from Art University, 2007
  • Learning the kamāncheh from Mr. Ardeshir Kāmkār since 1995
  • Learning the fundamentals of music, as well as the basics of performance and composition from Mr. Sharif Lotfi, 1998-2009


  • Music performer and the head of Mahtāb (Persian music ensemble) since 1996
  • Forming Chārgān (Persian String Quartet) together with Hāmed Afshāri, 2007

Composing and releasing the Albums:

  • Sāyeh-Roshan-e Mahtāb (Moonlight Shading) with Bizhan Kāmkār and Najmeh Tajaddod on vocals
  • Hich Magu (Say Nothing) with Mojtabā Asgari on vocals
  • Abru-Kamān with Mohammad Motamedi on vocals
  • Revayat-e Abuata (The Narration of Abuata) as the Kamancheh Improvisation
  • Chārgān I; Collection of pieces with Chārgān ensemble as “persian string quartet”
  • Chārgān II; Bayāt-e Esfahān with Chārgān ensemble as “persian string quartet”
  • An Rooz-hā (Those Days) with Fereydoun Purrezā, Bahrām Bājelān, Mojtabā Asgari and Vahid Tādj on vocals
  • Sarkhāneh along with a group of composers (in the style of old Persian composition, based on an idea by Sāsān Fāţemi)
  • Cooperation with the ensemble Abdolqāder in the Showqnāmeh (On Enthusiasm) collection (recomposing and performing pieces ascribed to ‘Abdolqāder Marāqi) led by Mohammad Rezā Darvishi
  • Cooperation with the Rahāvi ensemble in the collection Rahāvi (a practical comparison between Persian and Turkish music) by Sānāz Nakhjavāni


  • The member of faculty at University of Arts, department of music
  • Teaching at the Dayereh Music Center and the Tehran Music Conservatory