Release the new album ”Further”

A short series "Further" was released digitally, performed by Mahtab ensemble under the 
direction of Ehsan Zabihifar. The members of Mahtab ensemble in performing the pieces of this
album are Hamid Ghanbari (Dayereh and Tombak), Solmaz Badri (Santour), Ehsan Emami (Tar),
 Sajjad Saghaei (Oud) and Ehsan Zabihifar (Kamancheh). "Further" is a collection of different
 musical experiences of Mahtab Ensemble between 2004 and 2007, including two pieces of music
 arranged for Iranian instruments from neighboring cultures, a short solo piece and a group
 piece based on an idea based on the theme of Isfahan. The recording of this album, which was
 done in 2006 in a simultaneous (group) way in the pop studio by Rahim Nahi, can now be heard
 or downloaded digitally on Spotify and other platforms.