Those Days

Those Days is a collection of individual pieces for Persian instrumental ensemble. In spite of having many aspects in common, the pieces are not necessarily related. The similarity between their gushe’s and general mood in using polyphonies and compositional techniques can be one of the main reasons causing them to be set in one collection. This collection is the result of a period of self-test in composing, in which i tried to employ polyophonies, multi-layers of melody and different composing techniques, while having a more deliberate look at Persian music instrumentation. Besides that, I had another goal to be concerned about those days, and that was to satisfy the taste of both the public and specific audience, to experience a style in which the complexity and interwovenness of instrumental and vocal lines would not negatively affect the beauty of simple and flowing melodies but would enrich them; and of course not all the pieces enjoy the same share of this combination.

Those days

Composer: EhsanZabihifar

vocals: Fereydoun Purreza , Bahram Bajelan, Mojtaba Asgari & Vahid Taj

Performed by Mahtab Encemble


Publisher: Mahoor institute of Culture and Arts


Release Date: 2016

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Mahtab Ensemble Performers:


Percussion: Hamid Qanbari

Kamanche & Alto: Ehsan Zabihifar

Bass Qeychak: Hamed Afshari

Santour: Siavash Kamkar

Tar & Oud: Ehsan Emami

Robab: Targol Khalighi

Ney: Ali Davari (in Negar piece)

Ud: Arsalan Kamkar (Guest Performer)



Solmaz Badri, Arezu Abuyi, Sogol Badri, Hami Haqiqi, Ehsan Zabihifar & Hamid Qanbari.


Child Choruses:

Kian Vatandoust & Minou Moeazemi.

Sound Recording:

Bahador Keshani, Amir-Ali Razzaqi, Shahab Keyvan, Siavash Kamkar, Ali Molayi.


Mix & Mastering: Hami Haqiqi