Sarkhane (2)

As you could see, the title of this compilation (Sarkhane) is derived from the first section of each form. Its symbolic significance is apparent: the present compilation is the first step towards composition is a new way inspired by old styles. It has only applied a minor part of compositional possibilities, and has left many of them to further experience; of these possibilities are combined form known as nowbat which signifies suite.

(Taken from Sasan Fatemi’s note in the album brochure)

Sarkhane (2)


Composed by:


Ehsan Zabihifar and Saeid Nayebmohammadi.


Vocal by: Mojtaba Asgari.


Publisher: Mahoor Institute of Culture & Arts


Date of publishing: 2010

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Performed by:

Mohammadreza Ebrahimi: Tar.

Kourosh Danayi: Bass-Tar & Tar.

Ehsan Emami: Tar.

Ehsan Zabihifar: Alto Kamanche & Kamanche.

Saeid Nayebmohammadi: oud.

Hamid Qanbari: Dayere & Tombak.

Sourena Sefati: Santour.



Solmaz Badri, Behzad Mirzayi, Mohammadreza Ebrahimi & Ehsan Zbihifar.

Mastering: Armin Karbaf