The Basics of Melody Creation in composition

This article has been published in the Critical Research Journal of Humanities Texts and Programs, August 2019, Volume 19, Number 5.

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Article title: Book review and critique of the Basics of Melody Creation in composition

writer: Ehsan Zabihifar


The Basics of Melody Creation in composition” book has been published by Nashr-e-Markaz publications on 2016.

The author has tried to study the issue of melody from all aspects in eight independent chapters. The text of book is pretty comprehensive and the cover design is illustrative and unpretentious at the same time. The most remarkable features of the work can be mentioned as the musicological approach of the author when studying the issue, using different and variable references, the multiplicity of samples and figures related to text and presenting a summery and abstract by the end of each chapter. Concerning the covered topics and teaching and analytical theme of the work, the chosen title does not seem the most appropriate one and it is why the first, third and sixth chapters are not the strengths of the book in compare to others.

However the presented points of view in the second and eighth chapters are useful and specific  topics which has not been found in other translated books.

Key words:

Melody, composition, creation, review, basics