Forty Etudes For Kamancheh Players

Forty Etudes for Kamancheh Players
Works by Alinaghi Vaziri, Rouhollah Khaleghi, Mehdi Meftah,
Mahmoud Zolfanoun, Ahmad Foroutan-Rad, Nasrollah Zarrin-Panjeh
Edited and Arrangemented by Ehsan Zabihifar
Kamancheh Performance: Hediyeh Mashayekh
Year of publication: 2022
Publisher: Mahoor Institute


Ehsan Zabihifar has written in the introduction of the book:

The forthcoming book includes works by masters Alinaghi Vaziri, Ruhollah Khaleghi, Mehdi Meftah, Mahmoud Zolfanoun, Ahmad Forootan-Rad and Nasrollah Zarrin-Panjeh. This book includes all kinds of Iranian music etudes that have already been written in the most common written sources of violin (Iranian) and most of the Kamancheh players who have dealt with these sources in their training courses were acquainted with these etudes. Perhaps the most important feature of this book can be considered the translation and rewriting of the etudes for Kamancheh based on the usual tunes and according to the melody of the common bases in Iranian music. In other words, the etudes have been rewritten and arranged based on the tunes and melodies of the common basis that have been common in the tradition of playing the Kamancheh for the performance of instrumental music and Iranian music authorities (in a set of seven Dastgah and five Avaz), depending on the educational content. The skills of each etude can be used to improve the level and skills of Kamancheh players with more usefulness and efficiency. Accordingly, in addition to the etudes of Iranian music masters, three etudes by the Azerbaijani composer Saeed Rostamov have been included in this book due to their similarity with the themes of Iranian music (Chahargah and Mahour) with changes in the tune and content.